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Danish Immigration Museum has developed 3 immigrant history databases that contain information about foreigners with work permits, about naturalization awards and about expulsions .

The information about work permits covers the period from 1812 to 1924 in North Zealand and most of Lolland. The database currently includes approximately 107,000 entries. The data originates from police records, from issued residence books and from servant records by parish bailiffs from 1875-1924. In the County of Frederiksborg, parish registers of arrivals and departures from 1812-1875 have been used. Danish Immigration Museum continues to expand the geographic coverage of the database.
Naturalization was introduced in 1776 and the database, which is nationwide, has more than 50,000 entries. It is based on records of naturalization letters until 1849 and, from then onwards, on naturalization legislation, under which citizenship can be awarded to applicants. The database covers the period up to 1960. The database of expulsions is based on the internal newsletter of the police, “Politiefterretninger”, from 1875-1919 and includes people who have been expelled or repatriated, according to the Law of Foreigners of 1875 or, in a few cases, following the commitment of a criminal offence.